Partnerships, Integrity and Perseverance 


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ( June 7, 2016) - At today's Brooklyn Bridge Park Board of Directors meeting, on behalf of South African Arts International, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, Chairman, Victor Mooney delivered a letter to have a stone marker at the Brooklyn Bridge, where he arrived on November 28, 2015 aboard the Spirit of Malabo. This marker will reflect Mr. Mooney's humanitarian five-thousand mile transatlantic row, which began from the coast of Africa on February 19, 2014. GC Media, Lisa Samuels

Victor Mooney has realized through partnerships, integrity and perseverance are tools for success. 


Victor J. Mooney


Victor Mooney has chronicled his ten year quest to row from Africa to New York captivated the world. 


Victor Mooney has developed into a global humanitarian with a focus on increasing the awareness of HIV/AIDS and the spirit of humanity. Mr. Mooney is the founder and executive director of New York based South African Arts International (SAAI). 

Victor Mooney discusses how he overcame what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacles in his quest to row across the Atlantic Ocean.  Victor will share the tools of focusing, partnering and achieving that will inspire all audiences to Never Give Up.


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